All systems go! Dairyland Youth jets back to South Korea on Tuesday July 30th, (Incheon airport above) to play a few shows in Seoul, then off to the coast to Busan’s International Rock Festival. The new tour, “Return With A Vengeance”, is spawned from the new EP release titled “Vengeance”. The band plans to document the tour with the possibility of a short film to follow. Check out their Facebook page for daily tour updates!


Look for the new EP ‘Vengeance’ to hit the streets on July 16th at Catlick Records and iTunes!


Dairyland Youth will be opening for legendary Minneapolis band, The Suburbs, at Shank Hall in Milwaukee WI. The show starts at 8:00 pm on Friday June 7th. Check here for ticket information.

Semi-legendary Milwaukee punk band Dairyland Youth intends to plant their flag in the ground again this summer by releasing it’s first EP since the 2008 full-length effort “ReVolting”. The band also plans to play a few shows state-side as a warm up for their triumphant return to South Korea this August. DY’s rumbling potency, punky hooks and chiming, mumbled melodies will win over the more than 20,000 fans for Busan’s International Rock Festival. Stay tuned for more details…

Busan International Rock Festival

Dairyland Youth heads back to South Korea this August to play to more than 20,000+ fans at Busan’s International Rock Festival. The new tour, dubbed “Return With A Vengeance”, after the forthcoming single “Vengeance”, is scheduled for Aug 1 & 2 in Seoul, then down to Busan for the big show. More details to come…