Fan-Belt @ Summerfest
June 29th, 2010
By Andy Tisdel

If Saturday’s show ends up as the last hurrah for Dairyland Youth, they can say they did Summerfest proud.The band, originally from Germantown, tore the roof off the Cascio Stage Saturday afternoon in a proud display of pure punk and left to wild applause from the crowd.

The energetic show featured singer Brad hopping around the stage, flinging the microphone stand around like a quarterstaff and climbing on the amplifiers in front. During the song “Hot Rocks”, which featured a blistering guitar solo from the lead guitar, Brad yanked on the microphone cord to gain slack, jumped off the stage and roamed through the crowd, yelling “HOT ROCKS!” and calling for response. Another time, he jumped off an amp and actually flipped it forwards off the stage. A fan handed it back up.

The fresh, angry screaming on songs like “Nazis at a Brat Fry” or “Wired” to open the show helped bring energy to the Cascio, but the real culprit was the band’s chemistry onstage. The DY website proudly proclaimed that the band “hasn’t been in the same room together in over 13 years.” Despite that, the banter between Brad and lead guitar Alex was lively and fun to watch. Extremely comfortable on Summerfest’s stage for the first time, Dairyland’s members cracked that “We sound better with more beer!” and were laughing and joking with each other throughout the show.

Whether it was a killer guitar solo, the guitarist playfully cutting off Brad’s “witty banter” with the opening bars of another track or simply watching the band blaze through 14 songs in 45 minutes, Dairyland Youth put on a really fun show.
The next band, Arkady, was a big comedown. Where DY was bouncing and passionate, Arkady seemed flat and uninspired. The lead singer made a joke early on about the band being “forced to be here” that rang uncomfortably true. The band never had anywhere near the same energy of Dairyland Youth.

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After a few months off, DY is back in the studio working on some new material! Keep a look out for new songs this summer.

By Jamie Lee Rake
The Germantown punk rock kids of Dairyland Youth have grown up in the 22 years since they first sang of young romance and other youthful adventures. Thankfully for longtime fans, they haven’t grown up all that much—and they continue the fun times on their reunion album, Re:Volting. Their hooks may be a little subtler and their musical palette may have expanded to include touches of organ and sax, but any band willing to intermingle their musings on love with the benefits of monkey-repellent pants have their funny-punk bona fides in order. With band members now spread throughout the country (Denver, Milwaukee, Minneapolis), it’s anyone’s guess as to how often they’ll play out.

Released to coincide with the two year anniversary of the band’s reformation, “105.9º” captures the high energy and raw power of DY through the lens of Xcellent Vision Productions. Strap yourself in, turn the volume up to 11 and watch your temperature rise! (If your temperature should reach 104º or above, Dairyland Youth recommends you receive immediate medical attention.)

Before Dairyland Youth melts faces at Summerfest (“The Worlds Largest Music Festival”) on Saturday, June 26th at 1:00, they will be premiering the video for “105.9º” on Facebook! The video is directed by two gentlemen from Xcellent Vision Productions who are spending their summer working for Cartoon Network and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences while restoring Steven Spielberg’s “Sugarland Express” in their spare time.